A Bit About Me

I live on a ship. Or rather, when I’m not on a plane, a bus, a train, in a taxi, on a horse or elephant, exploring, by foot or bicycle, a town or city, then I’m on a ship. My life isn’t normal by normal standards (whatever those are, but I’m pretty sure I don’t fit the criteria). I’ve traveled to many places, seen many things, but still I feel like I haven’t made a dent in the possibilities of exploration. So for now, in my mid-20’s, I’m happy to live on a ship, with my toilet in the same four-foot-by two-foot stall as my shower and sink and my room hardly bigger than a closet. With a roommate. 

I work for Lindblad Expeditions, a Seattle-based company partnered with National Geographic that provides cruises (or more PC – Expeditions) to remote and not-so remote places all over the world. The ships I work on, as a massage therapist, spend the summers up in Southeast Alaska, the fall on the Columbia River, and the winters in Costa Rica, Panama, and Baja, Mexico. In between my stints on the ship (and keeping the family happy in Vermont) I find myself traveling to places like Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, and Indonesia and dreaming of other future adventures. 

When I am home and plan to stay there for a few weeks, I love mountain biking with my dad and brother, cooking elaborate (vegetarian) meals from veggies out of our garden, reading books my post-librarian mom hands me, and sitting on our front porch in the morning with my tea (or coffee, but I’m half-heartily trying to give the stuff up) and a crossword, watching the cows parade by across the street. 

Living on a 152-foot boat has its challenges and it’s definitely a nomadic lifestyle, but for now, I can’t think of anything else I’d like to be doing. So welcome to my blog, where I write about my travels and adventures – for better or for worse – and keep a small part of myself connected to friends and family back home (in Vermont) and all over the globe. Enjoy! 

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  1. Hi! I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about working with Lindblad Expeditions and living on the boats. Thanks!

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