Anteater in the Treetops

I saw an anteater today! My first one, so it was very exciting. We went ashore at Barro Colorado, an island in Gatun Lake, late this morning after a very early crossing of the first half of the Canal. About half of our guests arrived late yesterday, due to delayed flights, so our Canal transit time got pushed back. And back, and back. It worked out beautifully, though, because instead of entering the locks at 11:30ish last night, we went through at 6 or so this morning. Which meant that I didn’t have stretch class, but it also meant that the guests got to see the Canal in the daylight and didn’t have to stay up super late after flying in from the States. So we went ashore at BCI a little later than usual, but still did the regular hikes and Zodiac cruises. My group was just about back to the research station where we started when our guide looked up and saw an anteater slowly making its way along a tree limb. It stopped and began clawing at a hole in the branch and then stuck its head inside and slurped out some delicious termites. It was very cool.

Last week when we were at Barro Colorado Island, I saw another new species. A poison dart frog. It was a teeny tiny one, but still a poison dart frog and still beautiful.

Since I’ve been to Barro Colorado Island so many times, I tend to get rather bored on the trails. So, to keep me engaged and un-bored, I’ve started bringing my camera along each time and looking for interesting details to photograph. Here are some of my favorite shots.


2 Responses

  1. So glad you have your camera busy again!! Love your shots! ..AND you!

  2. What a great trip!

    Courtney Mara

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