Manuel Antonio National Park DER

15 January, 2012
Manuel Antonio National Park

For the first day of our voyage aboard the National Geographic Sea Lion, what better way to become acquainted with the natural beauty of Costa Rica than by spending the morning in one of its foremost national parks? Manuel Antonio National Park, located just south of the old banana-exporting town of Quepos on the Pacific coast, is a popular destination for Costa Rican nationals and foreigners alike. It is also one of Costa Rica’s smallest national parks. After breakfast we arrived on the sandy beach via Zodiac, ready to set out in search of wildlife and other interesting tropical rainforest species. Our naturalists led several hikes ranging in distance, pace, and interest. There was a photo-specific walk that included instruction on how to take better images, a longer, more strenuous hike that climbed up to a beautiful look-out, and several walks along the “Sloth Valley Trail” that were dedicated to finding and identifying mammals, birds, reptiles, and other wildlife species residing within the park boundaries. Among the species spotted were iguanas, a turtle, several sloths, and a troop of marauding Capuchin, or white-faced, monkeys. Known for its abundant bird-life, we also enjoyed many glimpses of a variety of feathered fauna.

After retuning to the ship for lunch, we had the opportunity to go back to the beach in the afternoon for some swimming, sunbathing, and more wildlife searching, if desired. The water was cool and refreshing and it felt great to unwind in the salty surf!

We picked up anchor in the late afternoon and prepared to sail south toward the remote Osa Peninsula where we will spend the entire day tomorrow in the area’s lush, wild tropical rainforest.

Becky Timbers, Wellness Specialist


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  1. Hi Becks; I have been enjoying your blogs very much. The combination of nice photos and your excellent writing style are awesome (as Karen would say). No wonder you have been doing more DER reports. Very nice!

    Love Dad

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