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I’ve been really into making up top 10 lists lately. Maybe it’s because we haven’t been doing or seeing anything exciting enough to blog about (I feel like I have written about Casa Orquideas and the Panama Canal a millions times). So, I’ve been brainstorming other non-Lindblad topics I can blog about. Ideas or suggestions from any of you would be more than welcome! What do you want to read about?

As we travel back and forth from Costa Rica and Panama, stopping at the same places each week and doing the same hikes, kayak operations, and Zodiac cruises at each location, it’s no wonder that my mind wanders to other destinations and adventures. Don’t think that I’m complaining (I’m not), it’s just that this itinerary is rather monotonous when done week after week. So what have I been thinking about this week? The top 10 cities I’d like to visit. It may seem surprising that even though I grew up in rural Vermont, I really enjoy city life. I spent 6 months in Vancouver, British Columbia while completing my massage training. I lost track of time (and where I was) on several occasions while wandering the streets of Bangkok. I’ve explored – to some extent or another –  the metropolises of New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Montreal, Singapore, and of course, the many beautiful old cities I visited during my 15 day cruise along the historic Baltic waterways. I could navigate my way around Nairobi when I studied in Kenya during college and I would ride the bus into Hamilton to hang out with friends when I lived in New Zealand. So what’s next on my list? Well here are the top 10 cities that I’d like to visit the most.

1) Sydney, Australia – Everything I read and hear about Australia renders it a great place to visit. Sydney has also been voted one of the world’s best places to live and I’d like to go see why.

2) Kyoto, Japan – Supposed to be one of Japan’s most beautiful and historic cities.

3) Kathmandu, Nepal – Tall mountains, temples, festivals,  and the snow leopard? One place I’ve always dreamed of going

4) Istanbul, Turkey – Turkey has always seemed like the perfect exotic place to me. Maybe it’s because I’ve already experienced Latin America, Asia, and Africa, but Turkey seems like a world unto itself

5) Melbourne, Australia – I have a fascination with Australia. Melbourne is supposed to be modern, chic, and upbeat and I would love to visit

6) Paris, France – Despite the stereotypical stuck-up French attitude, who doesn’t want to go to Paris?

7) Venice, Italy – Touring the city by way of gondola sounds quite ideal, as does the authentic Italian food.

8) Auckland, New Zealand – Technically I’ve been there before, but I don’t remember much besides taking an elevator to the top of the Sky Tower and looking at the city below through glass windows in the floor. I’d like to go back and explore it some more.

9) Mysore, India – It’s the birthplace of Ashtanga yoga, so of course I want to visit!

10) Edinburgh, Scotland – Partly the accent, partly the castles, Edinburgh seems like a place still set in centuries past.

And if I could revisit any city I’ve already been to? Vancouver, hands down. Loved it!

What cities do you want to visit?


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  1. Wherever you go, my love, I will follow!

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