Top 10 Yoga Retreats I’d like to Visit

I’ve had a lot of time to daydream and surf the net these past few days while we’ve been at dry dock in Colon. The spa is clean, the library inventoried (which took me all day to do yesterday), and disposing of the massage chair because it was growing at least 7 different varieties of mold. Everyone I have asked has said they don’t need any help, so I have been left to my own devices, which has mainly included reading, doing crosswords, and browsing the Internet. One of my favorite things to search for are yoga retreats around the world and then I daydream about spending at least a week in a beautiful places with fresh, healthy food, and practicing yoga on a daily basis – something I’ve been sorely missing. So here is a list of my top ten yoga retreats that I’d like to visit. I’d love to know of any others you have found!

1) Samudra – Dunsborough, Australia
An Ashtanga yoga studio and live food cafe set on the beach in sunny Western Australia? I can’t think of a more perfect combination.

2) Purple Valley Yoga – Goa, India
Another yoga retreat specializing in Ashtanga yoga. This one draws teachers from all over the globe for workshops and retreats and also has a wide array of Aryuvedic treatments

3) Ashtanga World – Ubud Bali
I love all styles of yoga, but as you can probably tell, my practice consists mainly of Ashtanga. So if there’s an Ashtanga retreat center or studio, it moves right to the top of my list.

4) Flor Blanca – Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
This is way out of my budget, but it looks amazing! Even despite the fact that I’ve spent so much time in Costa Rica.

5) Ak’Bol Yoga Retreat – San Pedro, Belize
Belize will always have a soft spot in my heart as a result of a great family vacation to Ambergris Caye and Ian Anderson’s Cave Branch. This yoga retreat looks just as stellar, so hopefully someday I’ll get to visit!

6) Luna Lodge – Carate, Costa Rica
Another yoga retreat in Costa Rica. I’ve been to the Osa Peninusla with the ship, but it would be nice to be able to relax and do some yoga instead of helping people in and out of Zodiacs

7) Yoga Plus – Crete, Greece
Another retreat for Ashtanga yoga! This place looks absolutely amazing

8) Pranamar – Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
One more yoga retreat I can’t afford, also in Costa Rica. I can dream, right?!

9) Yoga Holidays in the French Pyrenee’s – France
Hiking, yoga, good food… I’m there.

10) Gaia Retreat – Byron Bay, Australia
Founded in part by Olivia Newton-John in 2005, this place looks like a great retreat to visit for a week. Or a month.

And now that I have spent entirely too much time looking a yoga retreats online, I have to get back to the ship. I think the galley is making us a nice meal for dinner (not sure what that implies for the vegan) and after C and I have a shopping date. He needs some black shoes, a black belt, and some t-shirts and I’d like to pick up a few pairs of water shorts. I’m not looking forward to it – Colon is a rough city and I can think of a few places I’d rather be.


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