Casa Orquideas -House of Orchids

One of the places we stop at each week is a place called Casa Orquideas, or House of Orchids. It is the remote home of Ron and Trudy MacAllister who came to Costa Rica in the mid-1970’s and never left. In the past 30+ years they have created a botanical garden complete with fruit trees, a spice garden, vegetable patch, and countless other species of flowering trees, shrubs, bushes, and plants. It’s an ecological heaven for birds such as scarlet macaws and toucans, both of which we saw today. I always enjoy walking the gravel paths and taking pictures of the beautiful flowers that are in bloom. Each week is different. Here are a few photos that I took today. Hope you enjoy!


2 Responses

  1. (Sigh) Until now I have been content in Vermont, watching the snow flurry, waiting for enough snow to put on my cross-country skis and snow shoes. Now, after reading your blogs, sensations of the musky scent of dense vegetation and deep penetration of humid moisture in my skin have returned to me, nudging the desire to immerse myself in the tropics again.

  2. Awe,…. all of those wonderful memories of my time with you in Costa Rica are resurfacing reading your blogs. This was one of my favorite stops along our journey! Flowers,birds and monkeys…Oh my!

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