New England Wrap Up

Despite a tight flight connection in Detroit, C and I made it to Vermont without a hitch. After we landed in Burlington, we picked up our rental car and headed out toward my parents house in Underhill, the day’s last sunlight illuminating the snow on Mt. Mansfield before us. We didn’t have much in the way of an agenda for the next 10 days, except for a trip up to Montreal and relaxing in front of the wood stove at home with Butters, my parents’ cat, to provide us with entertainment.

We lucked out with some nice (albeit chilly) weather, and C and I went for a few long walks in the snowy woods. I also showed him around Burlington, took him to Healthy Living and a cozy tea house on Church Street, and helped him buy sturdy hiking/work boots in Johnson. I had planned a two night stay for us in Montreal through Airbnb because C had never been to the French Canadian city, so we set off across the border in our rental Jeep. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate and it was cold and rainy the first day we arrived. We also discovered that Cirque Du Soleil was opening their new show “Dralion” the day after we were supposed to leave. So, after a delicious Ethiopian dinner at Le Nil Bleu (if you have never tried Ethiopian, I highly recommend it), we decided that we would spend only one night in the city, return home to VT, and then cross the border again a day later to watch the acrobatic performance. It was a lot of driving, but highly worth it. Cirque De Soleil is amazing! The show opened with a woman performing one-handed handstands atop a 6 foot tall pole. From there, the show didn’t disappoint with acts ranging from trampoline gymnastics, trapeze artists, clowns, tumblers, and the most impressive jump-ropper’s I’ve ever seen. You can watch the preview for the show here. I’ll definitely be going to more Cirque du Soleil shows in the future. Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour anyone?

Just as my visit in Indiana flew by, so did C’s stay in Vermont. Wanting to be with his family for the holidays, he returned to Bloomington for a few days before heading down to Costa Rica and Panama for two months on the Sea Lion (with me). Which is where we are at the moment, stuck in Newark, New Jersey because a pilot called in sick and they can’t find a replacement. Yet. The officials keep saying that they’re working on the situation, but we haven’t heard any progress updates. Hopefully, fingers crossed, we’ll be in San Jose at some point tonight. At least it’s not Detroit.


We’re in San Jose, at last. After spending six hours at gate 102 in Terminal C at the Newark airport, Continental finally found a crew to fly our plane to Costa Rica. I thought for sure that the flight was going to be cancelled and I was on the phone trying to figure out how we were going to get from New Jersey to Central America in time to meet the ship before it set sail toward Panama. Luckily I didn’t have to worry for long because they finally announced that they had cancelled another flight (going who knows where and stranding who knows how many other people) and brought that crew to our plane so we could get to Costa Rica. There were a lot of relieved vacationers and a lot of stressed out parents with impatient kids running in every direction.

Tomorrow we board an early shuttle that will take us to Herradura and the Sea Lion. Two months of sun, surf, and beach!


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