Wanderlust Day 2

The great thing about volunteering at the Wanderlust festivals, I’ve noticed, is that when you’re not working a shift, your pink volunteer wrist band will pretty much get you into any yoga class, workshop, talk, or event. Yesterday I arrived at the mountain around 9:30 and dropped into a 10:00 class held in the huge Gaiam tent. It was led by Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman, two very influential and well known yoga teachers. The class was good (it was entitled Grounding Through the Proper Use of the Legs and Feet), but more workshopy than I would have liked. My ideal class is a nice flow with less talk rather than one that focuses mainly on alignment. After class I wandered over to the PrAna yoga room and dropped into a beginners led Ashtanga class. It was a good contrast to Rodney and Colleens class because Ashtanga is all about flow! We only did the first half of the Primary Series and the finishing poses, but I was still sweating and tired by the end!

Then it was time for me to check in at the volunteers tent and receive my instructions for the afternoon. I was on the Greening Committee, which basically meant that I walked around the grounds for four hours, making sure people were recycling and picking up any trash I came across. My partner in crime was named Macin (pronounced Marchin) – a tall, bald, very friendly Pole who was visiting his sister in New Jersey. The hours went by quickly (although we were soaked by the end), especially since we stopped and watched a Nimble Arts performance of a woman “dancing” on a hanging length of red silk and had a go at slacklining with help from a few YogaSlackers.

Towards the end of my shift I meandered over the the Gaiam tent to watch Deepak Chopra give his talk. Unfortunately I didn’t get too much out of it because I was sitting on the floor towards the way back and couldn’t see him on the stage. Andrew Bird was on next, but I was cold and damp and tired, so I headed home after the first song. I needed my strength and energy for a full day of yoga on Saturday. It’s my free day to take any yoga class or workshop – a major benefit for volunteering at Wanderlust!


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