Day 1 at Wanderlust

I took my brand new shiny (rental) Ford Focus for its first long road trip yesterday, making the three hour drive from Underhill to Stratton, Vermont where Wanderlust is being held. A few weeks ago I had made arrangements (via good old Facebook) to rent a room in a woman’s house in Manchester, so I stopped off there first to drop off my bags before heading up to the mountain. Wendy and her small dog, Spanky, live in a really cute log cabin house located on a quiet dirt road. I didn’t have much time to chat because my first volunteer shift started at 12:15 and I wanted to look around a bit first. As I slowly ascended up Stratton mountain, the weather continued to get decidedly worse until it was a full-out downpour. I was glad I had remembered my rain jacket!

For those of you who haven’t been there, Stratton Mountain is a bona fide ski village. Beautiful lodges, signposts pointing you in the right direction, cute coffee shops, retail stores, and a cobblestone street. Of course everything was geared towards yogis rather than skiers (I’ve never seen a carton of soy milk on the coffee station at ANY event) and I wistfully meandered through the vendor tents looking at Buddha inspired clothing and colorful yoga mats. Finally, after five-too-many loops in search of the Volunteers Tents, I managed to locate it (it was a non-descript white tent that I passed five times). I checked in for my shift, which wasn’t for another hour, and got my green volunteers t-shirt then went to warm up with some coffee.

It was still raining when I returned to the Volunteers Tent to get my assignment and they sent me to the Gaiam tent to help sop up the rainwater that had seeped in. The previous class had been evacuated because of thunder and lightning, but the next class, led by Seane Corne, was still on schedule. I was handed a clipboard and list of names by a frazzled British-Asian woman and told to check people in and make sure they had a wrist band on. I did, then stood back and watched the class. I could have participated, but I was in jeans and didn’t have my mat with me. Plus it was cold, so I was content to sit by the big hose that blew hot air into the tent.

Later that night there was the opening ceremony held in the chapel (it was supposed to be outside by the pond, but the pond was flooded and it was still raining). They did a great job with the chapel, though. Pink and blue lights shone on the walls and star-like white lights made it seem like we were outside under a clear sky. The first performer was Garth Stevenson who is a young musician and composer and is incredibly talented on the bass. I would definitely recommend checking him out. Then we watched an equally impressive performance by Shakti Sunfire and her “flaming” hula hoop. Can you imagine dancers pose with a hula hoop twirling around the standing leg? She is pretty incredible.

The evening ended with everyone lighting candles and placing them on the alter as a symbol of something they want to let go of or leave behind. It was a nice was to wind up the first day as well as kick off a weekend filled with yoga, music, and fun!



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  1. Other than the rain, it sounds awesome! It’s raining buckets here right now. Really hard! Hoping it’s not the same in Stratton! Can you take pictures or videos of the performers? Love to see some of them. Guess I should have gone up to the mountain when we were there. Cobblestone street? Really? BTW – Louisa broke her hand yesterday, mountain biking, plus she found out she had her dates crossed and was suppose to be taking her test yesterday…not today! Worse day ever!

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