A Moment to Breathe

Whew – this past week has been a whirlwind! I’ve been very busy with massages (18 so far and still a day to go) as well as trying to fit my yoga practice in and still have time for the beach. I’m determined not to lose my tan before heading home to VT! Our doctor onboard had also had her hands full with guests coming down with GI (a gastrointestinal epidemic that is highly contagious). Luckily (knock on wood) I have avoided it. People having been washing their hands so much, though, that we’re nearly out of water and need to make an emergency stop at a marina outside of Panama City before we enter the canal. Again. This will be my 14th time going through. Next week will be my 15th and last for this season, then I hop on a plane in San Jose, fly to Miami for the night and then on to VT. These past six months have been great, but I’m definitely ready for some R&R at home.

I was talking to one of the naturalists the other day on the beach, sitting on kayaks, waiting to help guests in and out of the water and he was asking me where I’ll go and what I’ll do on my time off. I told him – go back home to VT and stay with my parents. We both agreed that it’s not very practical to have an apartment when you’re away half the year. But then he suggested buying a house or piece of property, that way my money actually goes toward something useful – owning a place to live in. At first I rejected the idea – too expensive, too much maintenance, not sure I want to settle in Vermont, etc… But after thinking about it for awhile, I realized it’s not that bad of an idea. I could always rent it if I plan to take off for awhile and sell it if I decide to live elsewhere. And I wouldn’t have to live out of a backpack or yellow plastic containers anymore. Hmm… Any thoughts or suggestions?


3 Responses

  1. I know a really good Realtor!
    See you Soon!

  2. Hi!Just caught up with many of your e-Mails.Enjoyed every one of them,especially the massage for that poor old guy.Sounded like granda when he naps! Know youll be so happy to be home again.dont be in a hurry to buy a place.Real estate business is at rock bottom,Your Dad knows Maybe somehow we will see you while your home? Perhaps when your Mom is spending time with girl friends in Vt.condo Luv,Nonny.

  3. C’mon Karen! Buy another condo so we can all share….

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