An infestation of Bees

Sometime during the last few days, while we were anchored off shore and enjoying hikes in the rainforest or kayoing along the shore, the National Geographic Sea Lion was invaded by a swarm of bees. They chose the lido deck, the top deck of the ship where our Zodiacs and kayaks are stored, to make their new home. They even brought their queen with them, which they tried to protect by massing themselves together into a large ball on the side of the ship. Our third mate tried to persuade them to move elsewhere off the ship by spraying them with water and gallantly trying to shoo them away with a towel. She only proceeded in making them mad. So now we have an angry swarm of bees circling and buzzing off our starboard side. Our chief mate walked around all day with an epi-pen in her back pocket. The next course of action was to let them settle down again, re-swarm around their queen and hope they take the hint that they are unwelcome here. They didn’t. I wish there was a happy ending to this story, but there is not. Our third mate tried everything she could to get them to leave, but they apparently really liked the view from the lido deck. So she and a few helpers resorted to throwing a wet towel over the mass of clumped together bees and crushing them beneath their (shoed) feet. Everybody felt bad about exterminating the little guys, but we didn’t have much choice…


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