How To Touch A Whale

1. Get in a Mexican panga (small fishing boat) with five other crew members
2. Motor out about 6 miles from the ship where the grey whales are lazily swimming and blowing heart-shaped columns of spray into the air
3. Watch the whales from the panga. When they swim close (10 feet or so), get really excited and start splashing water at them with your hands from the side of the boat
4. Watch them swim under you or swim away
5. Repeat steps 3 & 4, remembering to be patient
6. When a baby whale swims in front of the bow, drop down to your belly and stretch out your arms out toward his tail
7. When your fingers make contact, feel exhilarated and rejoice!

Ian and I were the only ones in our panga who got to touch a whale today, but we got so close to so many that it didn’t even matter. What a great Valentine’s Day!


3 Responses

  1. So cool! Where were all the guests while you did this?

    • They were out in the Zodiacs. The crew (and me) got to go out by ourselves with a Mexican panga driver. One of the things I love about Lindblad is they try to get crew to do and see as many things as possible.

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