A Boat Full of Germans

So begins my second week aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird. We have 25 Germans who speak minimal English. Their leader would like to give lectures and show movies in their native language and we were informed after intros that we speak too fast and the majority of the German guests couldn’t understand us. Meanwhile we have 40 guests who expect to be spoken to in English and be shown videos in their native language. Good thing we have a Mexican naturalist on board who is fluent in both English and German. He’ll be busy translating this week.

Our last trip ended well. We spent several days in Magdalena Bay on the Pacific side of the Baja peninsula where we watched the grey whales and their newly born calves. I got out on one of the Zodiac cruises and we idled within 10 feet of a baby grey whale. He was headed straight towards us (the whales in this area are renown as being friendly), but his mother cut him off before he reached our Zodiac. Apparently she didn’t want him associating with us. Perhaps he was too young yet. Later groups did get good encounters with mom-calf pairs, some even getting to pat their massive blubbery heads or plant a kiss on their slippery hides. I’m hoping this week that I’ll get to touch one – the last time I did was two and a half years ago!

I had a mellow turn day today in San Carlos, checking email and eating a tasty lunch of quesadillas with the other naturalists and staff. Now we are headed south back towards the grey whales and later around the southern tip of the Baja peninsula. Hopefully the weather (mainly in the form of wind) will stay good for us!

On a side note… A few days ago I found out that I had something in common with our senior deckhand, Ian. Never having met before, we were chatting about where we were from. His home town happens to be Edgecomb, Maine – the tiny town of 800 people where our family also has a summer camp. Furthermore, Ian’s best childhood friend is David Nutt, our neighbors along the Darmascotta river who are also, apparently, neighbors of Ian’s family as well. To make it even more uncanny, Ian talked to his mother (who now lives in Australia) today and apparently we played together at some point when we were young. Small world.


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  1. Hi Becky Really enjoyed your blog about Ian and the Maine connection. In another couple of months we can think about opening the cottage. Spring is such an exciting time of the year. take care. happy valentines day. POPS

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