Dance Party and Qi Gong

What happens when a 65 year-old woman gets in front of a roomful of yogis? It turns into a full out dance party. That’s what happened this afternoon, at least. It’s Friday and everyone was tired, especially after a two and a half hour practice this morning and then sitting through four hours of anatomy lecture this afternoon. So when Dorian, the resident “guru” came into the shala dressed in a bathing suit and leggings, we didn’t really know what to expect. Then the music came on and she started to dance. I mean really dance! Pretty soon everyone was doing the steps, legs were flying, hands were in the air, and sweat was spraying in every direction. It was hilarious and so much fun. Dorian is amazing. She started yoga and meditation after a bad car accident in which she should have died, but walked away unscratched. She took that as a sign to change her life before she really did end up dead. So now she lives at Yoga Thailand and does counseling and therapy, as well as kicks off the occasional dance party. I doubt there are many 65 year-old women who can do the moves she came up with today.

After we were spent from dancing, Dorian led us outside to the beach where we calmed down and cooled off with several Qi Gong exercises. It felt kind of surreal, with the ocean before us, the white sand under our feet, the sunset lighting the sky red, gold, and pink, and 39 sweaty yogis doing Qi Gong on the beach. Something I’ll definitely remember.

After, we plunged into the salty water, clothes and all, then squeezed some more sweat out in the steam room. And tomorrow we have a day off!


One Response

  1. WOW, that sounds like my kind of party! I love to dance..such amazing therapy..and Qi Gong to follow,the ocean and a steam bath..seriously doesn’t get much better than that!

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