Learning Chakrasana and Practicing Forward Jump

We’ve been focusing a lot on each individual pose of the Ashtanga Primary Series in class and I’m slowly beginning to see improvements in my own practice. Today we went over Chakrasana, or backward somersault. Everyone had a turn at the front of the room with one-on-one help from Paul. It was a little intimidating, but very helpful. After class I also spent some time practicing forward jump, which Aoy, a friend from Bangkok, recorded. I included it at the end of the blog, so you can see what I’m spending 3 hours + of my day doing!

As for everything else,I think everyone is settling into the schedule and place. We’re becoming more relaxed and getting to know each other better. We had a free night a few days ago, so we watched The Fountain in the lounge area. It’s a good movie, but quite eclectic and mind-bending. On our (minimal) time off we go swimming in the pool or ocean, sweat in the steam room, study, and eat at the amazing buffet. One of my favorite (non-buffet items) is a fresh coconut, served with spoon and straw. First you drink the coconut water, then scoop out the meat. So delicious and all for $1.25! I’ve learned that coconuts are amazingly good for you, even though they’re high in fat. The oil helps fight diseases and viruses (including HIV), lowers the risk for heart disease, reduces cholesterol, aids in weight loss, among other feats. So eat lots of coconut!

Thats it for now… We have a day off on saturday, so hopefully I’ll be able to get out and see the island a bit!

PS – If you want to watch a really good movie about food and our food industry, check out Real Food. It’s very good!


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