Karma Yoga and Cool Photos

This afternoon several of us went down the road to Laem Sar Pagoda to do some karma – or selfless service – yoga. The golden temple is right on the beach, so the waves wash up a lot of trash and debris. We spent about an hour picking up pieces of glass, plastic, rope, styrofoam, and other random objects that aren’t biodegradable. It was pretty eyeopening even though I consider myself pretty environmentally conscious. Like straws, for example. I love drinking out of straws, but after picking up one after another on the beach I’m definitely going to limit my use of them. Plastic bottles, too, were plentiful, as well as lighters and small pieces of styrofoam. It was impossible to pick up all the tiny chips of broken apart plastic, but I tried because I’ve learned that birds and other animals think that they are food, so they eat them and eventually die because of all the plastic accumulated in their stomachs. So please, be conscious about what you buy and when possible, reduce, reuse, and recycle!

On a happier note, I found an amazing app for my iPhone. It’s called Histamatic and it let’s me take pictures with different lenses, films, and flashes. It’s addicting, but here are some of my results. Enjoy!


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  1. Really enjoying your blogs, so glad you are having such an enjoyable time. Lots to see and do. Keep them coming.

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