Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Ok, maybe not the blood or the tears, but definitely the sweat. I’ve never been to a yoga class where right after the class I was sore. It has always taken a day or two for the soreness to set in. But not here! I was sore after the first class on the first day! Not because our teacher, Paul, asked us to do anything extreme – actually it was a quite basic class – but because we had to hold the poses for so long as he explained all the details of doing them correctly. I’m not complaining by any means (well maybe a little, but some of you might think I enjoy pain…). So far everything has been amazing. We have a pretty full schedule – get up at 6:15 (I do at least, we don’t have to be at the shala until 7), fire ceremony at 6:30 (optional), pranyama (or breathwork) for half an hour until 7, yoga practice until 10 (yes, that’s 3 hours!), brunch until 12:30, chanting and yoga philosophy until 2:30, half hour break, asana study and practice teaching until six, dinner, educational movie, homework, bed! It’s a busy day, but it goes by super fast and everything is so interesting. Paul is an amazing teacher too, which makes all the sitting and listening easier. He’s originally from Ireland, but has lived in India for a number of years and now lives in Thailand with his wife and kids. But he still travels a lot and teaches around the world. He’s hands down the best teacher I’ve ever had. The other (38) students are really nice too. It’s hard to get to know people because we’re so busy, but I’ve met some great people. And as I said before, the retreat is beautiful. I went swimming in the ocean last night at sunset and it was warm, but refreshing.

Since it’s monsoon season we’ve been getting a lot of rain. Today it pretty much poured all day and the grounds got flooded, but I don’t really mind because my focus is to learn and practice yoga. If it was beautiful out, I would want to be on the beach rather than sitting in the shala. And it will make the nice days even more special.

I’ve used up all my free time 🙂 I need to go eat dinner and watch a movie on the Ashtanga primary series. Then it all begins again tomorrow!

When it stops raining I’ll try to take some more pictures.


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  1. Wow! You sound crazy busy! No wonder we haven’t seen you pop up on facebook or gmail. Do you have a day off? I’m so glad you are happy with your teacher. I’m sure he’ll teach you to be an awesome instructor! Are you still sore? Today is the first nice day in quite a while, so I know what you mean by enjoying the nice days even more! Enjoy Becks! I’m sure this month will fly by for you!

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