Rooftop Yoga and Bangkok Chaos

It was a long voyage from Portland to Bangkok (via Seattle and Korea), but I finally arrived at my hotel around 2:00 am this morning. The flights weren’t horrible, just long and tiring. I flew Asiana Airways, which is now my new favorite airline. The stewardesses handed out warm hand towels, slippers, nice blankets, and pillows. Plus there were toothbrushes and toothpaste in the bathrooms as well. The seats were comfortable and reclined far enough to feel like you were sort of lying down, but I still didn’t get much in the way of sleep.

Korea (Seoul airport) was interesting. There were so many people and they were all shopping. I couldn’t believe how many duty free, jewelry, and clothing stores there were and they were all full! I thought Americans were bad…

After a one hour flight, a 11 1/2 hour flight, and a six hour flight, I was finally in Thailand. A half hour taxi ride brought me to my guesthouse and I pretty much dropped my bags and fell into bed. I’m staying at a place a little farther outside the city center, but near the skytrain and bus routes. My room is a dorm with six beds, but it’s quiet and has air conditioning.

I woke up early (jet lag…) and made a few calls home, then I rolled out my yoga mat on the rooftop terrace and did my practice while looking out over the city. After a cup of coffee and some quick map studying down in the common area, I headed out to explore the city. Having a semi-destination in mind, i took the #44 bus into the city center. But then, having no idea where I was (and wondering how I would get back), I got off where a little old lady who spoke no English told me to get off – in hand gestures and Thai mutterings. I spent the next few hours wandering the streets, walking through open markets and trying to figure out where I was. Finally I hailed a tuk tuk and asked him to bring me to Khao San Road, world famous for its backpacker scene. Tuk tuk drivers have deals with tour agencies, so despite my arguments, I was taken to a travel agency “with no pressure to buy anything” before my driver would drop me off at Khao San Road. It worked out though, because I was able to buy my bus and ferry tickets to and from Koh Samui.

After walking around a bit there, I decided to go to the Grand Palace, a walled temple city not too far from where I was. The temples were beautiful, in a gaudy way, and the architecture and details were very impressive. I spent about an hour there and by that time I was starving (I had only eaten a banana coconut smoothie and some tofu on a stick), so I headed to May Kaidee’s vegetarian restaurant for an early dinner. It was so good – fresh spring rolls with a peanut sauce and a tofu peanut coconut curry over rice noodles. May Kaidee also does daily cooking classes, so I think I’m going to sign up for that on Wednesday. Full and tired I hailed a taxi to take me back to my hotel (too exhausted to try to figure out the bus system again).
The taxi ride turned out to be an hour due to traffic – but still only cost 7 dollars. Early to bed tonight, then tomorrow will be another full day – I’m doing a bike tour of the countryside around Bangkok!


2 Responses

  1. Nice blog, Becks! Full of detail and description! Do you remember anything about Bangkok from your last visit? Or understand any Thai (language)? Wondering how you keep your stuff safe at the hostel. And water…I assume you have to drink bottled water? Can’t wait to hear about your day biking…love you lots!

  2. Hey Becky,
    I am always amazed with all that you do and have done and continue to do….(run on sentence…..for a run on traveler!) LOL When I read your blogs I am so impressed with your carefree spirit.I am not sure I could be so brave. I am so proud of you.Have fun biking. love you lots..xo

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