A week on the river, a day in portland

One week down, one week to go, then I board a plane and head over to Asia! These river trips have gone by super fast. For one, they’re a day shorter than our Alaska or Baja trips, and two, we get off the ship a lot, so most of the days are packed full and go by really fast. I’ve learned quite a bit about the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1805-1806 and it makes me want to read Steve Ambrose’s Undaunted Courage which narrates the story of Lewis and Clark’s journey west of the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean and back again. We stop at some interesting places that the Corps of Discovery (as they were called) camped and traveled through and the landscape we pass is beautiful, but very different from the east coast. The farther we travel east on the Columbia and Snake rivers, the drier and more barren the landscape becomes. The hills and fields are brown, but still beautiful, especially with the Aspen and maple tree leaves turning colors.

Yesterday we were in Portland to disembark guests, turn the ship and take on the new guests in the late afternoon. After unloading luggage, I had the morning to myself. I took a yoga class at Pearl Yoga, then met my freshman year college roommate for lunch. Paige has been out here for about two years and she now lives in Mt. Saint Helen’s, which is 45 minutes from Portland. It was really good to see her and catch up on the past few years.

In between rain showers I made my way back to the waterfront where I wandered through the weekend market. They have some really cool vendors and even though I wasn’t planning on buying anything, I ended up purchasing a wrap around skirt that a woman makes from old shirts. They are really cool and interesting and you can check some of her other creations out on her website – http://www.tease-recyclewear.com

So now I have five more days on the river and the Sea Bird, then I head to Thailand. They’re having some pretty heavy flooding right now, but I’m hoping it’ll subside a bit before next week. I made sure my hotel is away from the main river, though… That’s it for now, I hope to post at least one more blog before I head out, so check back!


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