In The Wake Of Lewis And Clark

Many of you may know or have guessed that I love to go new places and try new things. Thus, today was a great new adventure for me! I had never been to Idaho before and today we took a bus tour along the Clearwater River in western Idaho – or, as our voyage is called, we followed in the wake of Lewis and Clark. Western Idaho is so beautiful. I had no idea! We travelled by motorcoach while our guide, Linwood Laughy (who did an amazing job) narrated the story of Lewis and Clark and their search for a water route to the Pacific Ocean. We made several stops at historical sites along the river and saw where the Corps of Discovery (as they were called) camped, met with the Indians (mainly the Nez Perce), forded the river, among other events. We ate lunch at a nice cafe in Kamiah, Idaho before meeting Lee, an outdoorsman who prides himself on being able to survive alone in the wilderness. Lee demonstrated how to start a fire with steel and flint as well as with two sticks of wood (in under two minutes, no less). He also showed us how to make rope out of cattail reeds, which we practiced as well, and regaled us with stories about the difficulties Lewis and Clark met while on their journey. Lin followed with Nez Perce legends and stories in a great storytelling manner. 

We didn’t return to the ship until six (we left at eight in  the morning), and I’m exhausted even though I did ‘t do much, but it was a great day and it was exciting to do a few things that I haven’t done before. 

It’s good to be back on the ship, even though I was settling in to being home in Vermont for a month. I only have two weeks on the Sea Bird, then I’m off to thailand and southeast Asia for two months! Very exciting! I’ll try to keep up with my blogs and pictures, so check back for more entries!


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  1. Sounds very interesting, and as you said nice to do something a little different. Just trying to imagine the difficulties they encountered is tough. Keep on trucking!

    Love Dad

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