Two weeks to go!

It’s been seven weeks since I returned to the Sea Lion as Wellness Specialist, and I have only two more to go! (Acutally one and a half) It has gone by really fast, but I’m definitely ready for a break. We had a staff switch-out this past turn-day, so the people I’ve been working with for the last five weeks left, and now there are four new staff members (all male… again). It was really sad to see them go – we had so much fun together! Tom (who is a Lindblad legend) taught me a few limericks, most of which aren’t appropriate to post here. Here’s a (relatively) clean one though –

There once was a girl from Madras

Who had the most wonderful ass

It wasn’t as you think, all round and pink

It was grey, had long ears, and ate grass!

Tom had us in stitches, telling us some of the more dirty ones. He’s also written a book, which I bought, called Dragons, Cannibals, and Erupting Volcanoes – or The Unofficial History of Lindblad. It has hundreds of stories about Tom’s adventures and mishaps while working for the company. It’s hilarious!

Not much else to report… It’s been pretty rainy and cold, so I haven’t gotten out much. We have had some good humpback sightings and we’ve seen a few bears. Last week in Glacier Bay there was a black bear foraging along the coast, turning over rocks and scratching himself amid the seaweed. The bear itself was cool, but in the setting of Glacier Bay, it was beautiful – tall mountains, u-shaped valleys, and mist shrouded trees.

Massage has been going pretty well – I think I had 14 people last weeks, which is quite a few when I have to schedule them around hiking, kayaking, zodiac cruises, wildlife, and of course, my yoga practice. I’m getting really excited for my yoga teacher training. It starts in November, but I’ve been receiving pre-course assignments – like readings, journal entries, etc… – The latest is to take three different types of yoga classes – Mysore (ashtanga), Iyengar, and Sivananda. Obviously I can’t take classes while on the ship, so I’ll have to find those classes when I get home. That’s it for now, hopefully I’ll see something worthwhile to write about this week. Maybe for orcas or bubble-net feeding!


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