Update from the field

We’ve been having typical southeast Alaska weather for the past few days. Misting rain, cold winds, cloudy skies. It might sound miserable, but the beauty of the low-lying pall as it blankets the steep cliffs and eerily shrouds the Sitka spruce and western hemlocks, makes up for the wind and rain. We’ve also had pretty good whales. The other day (of course while I was in the middle of giving massages), there were humpbacks right off our port side, not swimming or feeding, but logging, which means they were just hanging out on the surface. They were probably no more than 15 feet from the side of the ship. I did get to see them in between massages, but I didn’t have my camera, so no pictures. Apparently they were breaching too, but I didn’t get to see that either. Last night we had more whales near the ship, but they were just doing the usual – diving down, coming up for blows, and showing their flukes.

Today, Glacier Bay day, is the first time we’ve seen a bear this week. It was a pretty good look, he was walking along the shore, weaving in and out of bushes. Not close enough for me to run and get my camera, though. Not much else to report – we’ve seen lots of sea lions, harbor seals, porpoises, birds, etc… I’m hoping to see some orcas, bubble net feeding humpbacks, and salmon-eating bears soon! Only three more weeks to go before I head home (for two weeks… then I’m back on the Lion for two weeks). Ship life is going to get shaken up a bit, though. On Saturday this rotation leaves and a new one will get on. That means we’ll have a new galley, a new bartender (brand new, actually), bos’un, senior deckhand, senior steward, purser, hotel manager, third mate (also brand new), and second mate. The expedition leader will be leaving too, but one of my favorite EL’s will be coming on to replace him. Then next Saturday ALL of the staff, who I have worked with for the past 3-5 weeks, will be replaced with new staff, leaving only me and Jen, the EL. It’s going to be so sad!


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