Great day at the Inian Islands

Yesterday, the last day of the trip (5 week mark for me!), we went to the Inian Islands to do Zodiac cruising. The islands are unique for several reasons. 1. They’re located right at the edge of the northern tip of the Inside Passage in Cross Sound, so they’re not as protected as many of the other places we visit. 2. Because of their exposure to the Pacific Ocean (if you kept heading west, you would eventually hit Japan), the currents bring in an abundance of food for marine mammals. 3. The wildlife, including Stellar sea lions, whales, otters, sea birds – cormorants, gulls, puffins, pigeon guillemots, eagles – among other animals, come here to feed. It’s often a great place to see some really amazing things. I didn’t keep count, but yesterday I bet we saw over 30 bald eagles either flying or sitting in treetops. We also saw dozens of sea lions hanging out and making disgusting noises on an exposed rock island as well as curiously eyeing our Zodiacs from the swirling water. One even came right up to our Zodiac and did backflips beneath our boat. The highlight of the day, though, was when a humpback whale surfaced RIGHT BEHIND our Zodiac! We weren’t expecting it, so everyone got a good face full of snotty sea water as the whale exhaled through its blowhole. It was amazing. There were about 5 whales in the area, all really close to our boats and the second round of Zodiac cruises (I was on the first) watched one breach fully out of the water. Just another day at work 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Hey Becks, It’s really a tough rough life your living these days!!!! It must be wonderful…………

  2. Great pictures, Becks! Can’t wait for you to come home. Dad got his post card yesterday. So glad you have your camera back! I’m going to my camera class tomorrow!

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