In Fairy Land

Well, I finally made it to Alaska, after 24 hours of sitting in airports, standing in lines, squirming in airplane seats, and not really knowing whether I’d make it to Sitka on time. My flight from Miami to Dallas got delayed three hours due to bad whether in Texas, so I grudgingly accepted that I would miss my connecting flight from Dallas to Seattle, but kept my fingers crossed that I could jump on a later one. We finally got underway and arrived in Dallas around 9:30 pm where I spent the next two hours standing in line waiting to see whether I could get on the last flight from Dallas to Seattle (which already had 62 people on standby – the weather in Dallas had messed up many peoples flights significantly and the airport was teaming with stranded travelers. I could only laugh when I saw airport workers roll out stacks of army cots for people to sleep on).

I must have good karma because when I finally reached the counter and gave the woman my ticket (the one for my 6:00 flight), she promptly printed out a boarding pass for Seattle. Somehow I had already been confirmed, which made my night look a lot more manageable.

I slept most of the way to Seattle and by the time we touched down it was almost 2 am. I had a hotel booked through Lindblad, so I picked up my bag (slightly amazed that it made it) and took the shuttle to my hotel to sleep for the next three hours… I had to be back at the airport at 6:15 to catch my 7:45 flight to Juneau and connecting flight to Sitka.

It was uncertain at times whether I’d make it, but I am on the ship now and just returned from a beautiful hike a few miles outside of Sitka. I went with Lavon, the purser, and we hiked up through the mossy forest and old-growth trees to a cascading waterfall, and then down to a small lake nestled between steep ridges. I can’t even describe how beautiful it was. I felt like I was in a fairy land. Lavon brought her camera, so hopefully I can upload some pics later.

My last day in Miami was good, but I wasn’t ready to leave! The evening before I did a water massage workshop, which was amazing! The instructor had made props out of foam noodles that supported our heads and legs. Then we took turns either floating and receiving, or giving the ‘massage’. It’s not really a massage in the sense that you palpate the body. Instead you use your hands, the traction made from moving in the water, and your own body motions to move the other person. It felt amazing to both receive and give and it’s definitely something I want to pursue later. The next morning, after yoga class on the dock, Mina and I had a nice chat over breakfast (really good homemade granola!) about my new position and the company in general. We did a bit more training for the treatments on the ship and then it was time to leave!

Being staff now is a lot different. It was weird to step on the ship and know that I didn’t have to worry about getting my cabins turned or setting up the dining room for dinner. I didn’t really have any obligations, so that’s why I got to go for a hike. Being Wellness Specialist will be a lot more laid back and less stressful, which I’m very very grateful about!


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  1. Glad you had a safe trip, albeit a little longer then expected. I enjoy reading your posts. All the best in your new position. Enjoy! Love Dad

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