Another Year, Another Adventure

I can hardly believe it myself, but I’ve managed to stay put in one place for almost 7 months! My goal was six, so I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ve been living in Burlington since I finished massage school in June (Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage – I highly recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a bodyworker) and working in the cafe at Healthy Living as well as Oasis Day Spa on Wednesday evenings. I’ve also been doing lots of yoga at Evolution and working on my handstands. My next goal is jumping into crow from downward dog. Maybe in about 10 years…

I never thought I would share an apartment with my brother, but it has worked out surpisingly well. He got the better deal, though, because I brought home tons of free food while working at HL and have kept the place clean and relatively neat. I’m sure I’ll be sorely missed when I’m gone. I don’t think Mark, the new roommate, will be acting as Will’s personal maid.

So, that brings me to “A new year, a new adventure”! I’m taking off for Costa Rica on Friday to meet the Sea Lion – one of Lindblad’s National Geographic cruise ships. For those of you who didn’t follow my last blog, also called whereonearth, I started working for Lindblad a few months after I bought a one-way ticket to Hawaii in November 2007. I worked for them as a Steward/Senior Steward for about a year, traveling to Alaska, the Columbia River, and Baja, then took a year off to go to massage school and visit friends and family back here in Vermont. Now it’s time to get back on board, this time to Costa Rica for a month, then up the Pacific Coast to Seattle and finally up to Alaska, where I’ll disembark in June. I’m looking forward to getting back on the ship meeting new people, exploring new and places and visiting old territories, but I’ll miss the friends and people I’ve gotten to know in and around Burlington these past 6 months. I feel like I’ve set down a few roots and whether or not Burlington will become my home town, I’m know I’ll be back again to visit. Until then, check back for stories about my adventures, photos of places I go, people I meet, and things I see, and anecdotes about living on a 152-foot ship with 62 guests and 25 crew. There are bound to be mishaps and shenanigans.


2 Responses

  1. Wah! It doesn’t seem possible that you’re leaving us again! I never get enough of you and here you are going off to other parts of the world for the zillionth time. Put your roots down in Burlington and travel from there. Have many, many happy and fun experiences and know that you’ll always be welcomed back at home with many open arms.
    Love you so much!

  2. I look forward to reading about your adventures, Becky! Do let me know if you plan to pop up to Vancouver when you stop in Seattle 🙂

    P.S. what’s your mailing address now?!

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